Breast cancer and skin care

Breast cancer is cancer that develops from breast tissue. Risk factors for developing breast cancer include being female, obesity , a lack of physical exercise, alcoholism , hormone replacement therapy during menopause , ionizing radiation , an early age at first menstruation , having children late in life or not at all, older age, having a prior history of breast cancer, and a family history of breast cancer. The balance of benefits versus harms of breast cancer screening is controversial. A Cochrane review found that it was unclear if mammographic screening does more harm than good, in that a large proportion of women who test positive turn out not to have the disease.
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Breast Cancer—Patient Version

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Breast cancer - Care at Mayo Clinic - Mayo Clinic

Breast cancer is a disease in which certain cells in the breast become abnormal and multiply uncontrollably to form a tumor. Although breast cancer is much more common in women, this form of cancer can also develop in men. In both women and men, the most common form of breast cancer begins in cells lining the milk ducts ductal cancer. In women, cancer can also develop in the glands that produce milk lobular cancer. Most men have little or no lobular tissue, so lobular cancer in men is very rare. In its early stages, breast cancer usually does not cause pain and may exhibit no noticeable symptoms.
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Cutaneous metastases

Supply is limited. Please do not call your doctor about getting vaccinated. We will contact you directly. Read more. If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with breast cancer, MSK experts, like surgeon Melissa Pilewskie, are here to help.
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Cells in the body normally divide reproduce only when new cells are needed. Sometimes, cells in a part of the body grow and divide out of control, which creates a mass of tissue called a tumor. If the cells that are growing out of control are normal cells, the tumor is called benign not cancerous. If, however, the cells that are growing out of control are abnormal and don't function like the body's normal cells, the tumor is called malignant cancerous.
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