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If you were at all nervous about sharing your fantasy with your partner, you may have skimmed over some of the details of what you were looking for. If necessary, you can even send them articles or books to help them prepare. Some people worry that sharing the specific details of their fantasies is a buzzkill, but it can be just the opposite. Talking through exactly what you want to do to each other before you do it can be exceptionally erotic. Any sort of planning that you need to do ahead of time gathering materials, scoping out locations, etc. You may even find this part of the process to be more pleasurable than the actual event itself.

12 Most Common Female Fantasies Revealed

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Everyone has sexual fantasies and desires. It is a normal and natural part of life. What isn't normal, is the fact that many people who are committed to each other in a relationship don't share their sexual fantasies with each other. Many people, specifically women have admitted not telling their partner about their sexual fantasies because they did not want to be viewed differently, be rejected, or made fun of. This same issue affects men, but it would seem that women felt this more strongly than men do. However, in a relationship, especially with the person you love, you should be completely honest, open, at ease, and trusting of them. You should feel secure, safe, and like you won't be judged or shamed.

The 7 Most Common Sexual Fantasies and What to Do About Them

Gauging the normalcy of your sexual fantasies can feel like a difficult balancing act. One second, you're worrying that the new kinky thing you want to try is just too unusual to bring up, the next, you're having doubts that anyone would not fantasize about it because it's so damn hot. If this sounds like you, good news: New research suggests that even your freakiest fantasies are probably not as freaky as you think.
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