I be tappin that ass lyrics

Sign In Register. Artist: Fuckface Unstoppable. Album: Live at Zombie Hut. Ah yeah fuck yeah, mi gaddam bammi moh, mi Ona pi skanka tona too ska, talk to meh, aka fuckface unstoppable. Bet you don't need no ocho niggga ga gog gah knocked da fuck out. I ain't goin out like no punk ass bitch cause that ain't who I am.
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Givin up the Funk Lyrics

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FREAKY DEAKY Lyrics - FLO-RIDA | saintantoine.info

Featured lyrics. Tell Me When It's Over. Hot lyrics. Get me some cash to get my? Make my cd's, you tossin senators You can't get crossed up with the pd's They payin a cost to get g'd You got frost on your knees Fuckin and suckin them d's They usually be havin you cheesin I got the hook up for suckers Skeezin for fees and you just send me them duckets I'm buying beatin disease You tellim me what you want bitch You givin up the funk But you gotta pay a lump To this nigga name Peewee From the are-I-C-H-M-O-N-D Bitch you can't hang with me cause yo ass is scandalous Bitch fuck it damn, that's the end These bitches want these inches off the dick, cause I'm with the Dangerous Crew Motherfucker you's a punk and I can't hang with you Ant Banks: Yo, be comin straight out the pussy Holdin my nut sack, quick let me bust that rap How hoes get cussed at Rashy, you was a warthog, now you's a muskrat So tramp, I?? Breed Now as I slde on this track, I won't be dissin no bitches I'll just be clockin my riches Now bare witness as I spit this Shit that give you the mumps, cause it bumps so tremendously And niggas be knowin they flowin up tigh as they pretend to be Some shit that they ain't Some niggas front, but I can't I'm sippin tough on the drink And makin barrels of bank Yeah, so niggas save that punk shit I'm comin with that funk shit See that's how I was raised and my real niggas want this So nut up or keep walkin And shut the fuck up when grown folks is talkin nigga Before you get your back broke Now what you wanna fuck with a Oakland city mack for? The place you can trip on Where the niggas be mackin, stealin, killin and pimpin to get they crip on And take it to the next phase We goin city to city, leavin hoes in a daze That's why they call me bad ass Cause I be puttin boogers on bitches and fartin loud with my fat ass But yo, I gets paid for that And its a fact I was strictly just made to mack So what the fuck you know about me A loked out, funky ass pimpin og Fool, you can open your eyes but you can't see I just gave up the funk, now I'm O-you-T Chorus.
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What's That Sound lyrics

You know Neptunes is hot like skillets Your ego's scared then nigga please go heal it That tight ass fitted cap the dogs will peel it Long as the Bronx still got me and New York still feel it For the jump off, jump off niggas best to kill 'em Ay yo Gunz you change let's make it rain you conceited. Naw still got a 9 girl and Peter still eatin' I'm just another nigga from the hood in the car Six double zero bikes double the R See them dogs draped in red cover the bar See them cowards be in the club trouble we are I smokes no drugs just Henney no chase Foot on the throttle with models giving me face Like Oochie Wally Wally she gave me lolly lolly Now you wanna polly polly holla if you hear me y'all. Ya'll need to take a look at me I'm 10 years strong, count em 10 years long Can't nobody stop my hunger, people love my songs If I Could Go climbed up to the top And I got a shit load of hits, bitch it dont stop c'mon!! Sound view what is that sound come on man Watson what is that sound come on man Clay Ave.
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First put on a show Watch my anaconda start to grow Fee-fi-foe Yo, I smell the one That be playin' with her puss or get me off till I c-izz-um Never kiss em' Is it the b-izz-urp? Gotta get my hands on that fat ass tush With ya belly-button pierced and them thick ass thighs Got you lookin' lil' somethin' like Mary J. Blige Don't mind my eyes They bloodshot From smokin' bout 4 bags of weed in the parking lot So wassup bitch, got a name with them hips?
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