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Accordingly, those who hold most faithfully to the authority of Scripture will be the least inclined to change their views on homosexuality. It is not surprising then that evangelical pastors across different denominations continue to view same-sex marriage as wrong through this lens. At the same time, mercy and forgiveness are offered for all, including practicing homosexuals. The Word is equally clear on this see 1 Corinthians
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I have a co-worker who is pentecostal and he is 20 years old, he believes that you should wait for sex until marriage but he is kind of fuzzy as to what you CAN do before marriage, thats when he just gives a big grin and won't elaborate. He is very big into the church and all but he is soooo hot. So, can anyone explain what is acceptable before marriage and please let me know if you are pentecostal or not :. This is not meant to be a dirty question or be crude in any sense, he just got my little brain working and all :. All of the Pentecostals I know who want to follow a close walk with God Then, it is only with their wife or husband only.
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No form of Christianity that I know of believes in premarital sex. That is entirely against what is taught in the scriptures. Sex is Gods binding together between a man and a woman until death separates them.
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The movement takes its name from the experience of Jesus' disciples on the day of Pentecost, described in the New Testament book of the Acts of the Apostles , when "they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance. Pentecostalism has grown dramatically worldwide throughout the twentieth century, making it arguably the most important recent development in Christianity. Estimates, however, range from 10 million to 29 million followers in the United States alone. What most clearly distinguishes pentecostalism and identifies it as a coherent religious family is the belief in and experience of "baptism of the Spirit" as evidenced by speaking in tongues glossolalia. Pentecostalism germinated from the fertile soil of nineteenth-century American revivalism, specifically the Holiness movement in Methodism.
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